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County Longford
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County Longford

County Longford
Area: 1,091 kmē
Capital: Longford
Code: LD
Population: 31,068 (2002)
Province: Leinster

County Longford (Irish: Longfort) is a county situated in the Irish Midlands, in northwest Leinster. With an area of 1,091 kmē (421 square miles) and a population of 31,068, it is one of Ireland's smallest counties. Agricultural activities include cattle and sheep rearing, and the production of oats and potatoes.

Most of Longford lies in the basin of the River Shannon, which forms its western boundary, although the northernmost parts of the county drain towards the River Erne. Lakeland, bogland, pastureland, and wetland typify Longford's generally low-lying landscapes: the highest point is Carn Clonhugh at 279 m (916 feet).

Monastic remains at Ardagh (Longford), Abbeylara, Abbeyderg, and Inchcleraun Island in the River Shannon are reminders of the county's long Christian history.

The county is named after its administrative centre, Longford town.

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