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County Kerry
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County Kerry

County Kerry
Area: 4,746 km²
Capital: Tralee
Code: KY
Population: 132,527 (2002)
Province: Munster

County Kerry (Irish: Ciarraí) is a county in the southwest of the island of Ireland, in the Munster province of the Republic of Ireland. It has an area of 4,746 km² (1,832 square miles). The county town is Tralee. The county is bordered by County Limerick (east) and County Cork (South-east).

One of Ireland's most famous towns, Killarney, is located in Kerry. The county has two national parks, the Killarney Lakes and Dingle Peninsula. The tip of the Dingle Peninsula is the most westerly point in mainland Ireland.

Kerry has the highest mountains in Ireland: Macgillicuddy's Reeks.

Kerry is bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean and on the north by the River Shannon, the longest river in Ireland.

Kerry's coast is a series of peninsulas and large bays. As well as the Dingle Peninsula there is the Ring of Kerry, a popular location for cyclists.

Just off Kerry's coast are a number of islands, including the Blasket Islands and the Skelligs. Skellig Michael is a World Heritage Site, famous for the medieval monastery clinging to the island's cliffs.

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