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Costa Rica
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Costa Rica

The Republic of Costa Rica is a republic of Central America. Remarkably for the region, Costa Rica has stood as a bastion of stability and democracy since the minor civil war of the late 1940s that brought President José Figueres Ferrer to power. In fact, Costa Rica has no military, only a domestic police force (albeit a heavily armed one). The capital is San José.

Costa Rica
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''National motto: Pura vida! (Popular saying)
Official language Spanish
Capital San José
President Abel Pacheco
 - Total
 - % water
Ranked 125th
51,100 km²
 - Total (2003 E)
 - Density
Ranked 122st
 - Date
From Spain
September 15, 1821
Currency Colón (CRC)
Time zone UTC -6
National anthem Noble patria, tu hermosa bandera
Internet TLD.cr
Calling Code506

Table of contents
1 History
2 Politics
3 Provinces
4 Geography
5 Economy
6 Demographics
7 Culture
8 Miscellaneous topics
9 Reference
10 External links


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Miscellaneous topics


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