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Consumer Reports
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Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is an American magazine published by Consumers Union, a non-profit organization.

Consumer Reports is known for publishing accurate reviews and comparisons of consumer products based on results from its in-house testing laboratory. Consumer Reports does not accept advertising nor permit the use of its reviews for selling products. Consumer Reports ratings of automobiles, including independent crash tests, are highly respected in the automotive industry. In order to defend its policies and protect against several types of civil lawsuits, Consumers Union maintains a large legal department.

Consumer Reports should not be confused with Consumers Digest, a for-profit publication which does accept advertisements and allows companies to use its reviews for marketing purposes.

In the late 1990s, Consumer Reports was engaged in a lawsuit by automaker Isuzu. Isuzu had alleged that Consumer Reports over-exaggerated the SUV safety tests as it tipped over thus causing it to fail on tests.

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