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Conrad of Franconia
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Conrad of Franconia

Conrad I (or Konrad), Duke of Franconia, King of Germany was king of the German Holy Roman Empire from 911 to 918, as one of the successors of Charlemagne.

Conrad was born about 890 in Babenberg. His father was either Conrad, Duke of the "Old" Franks or Adalbert of Franconia, his mother was Glismut of Saxony. His sister Mathilda von Hesse was born around 899. His brother Eberhard of Franconia died after 936 in Babenberg. Conrad married Kunigunde Alaholfing Countess In Swabia, and had two children with her (Kunigunde of Germany and Hermann Duke of Franconia, both born in 913). Conrad died December 23, 918. On his deathbed, he persuaded his brother Eberhard to forego the crown for himself and to urge the electors of the Empire to choose Henry the Fowler (Henry I), duke of Saxony, as his successor at the Reichstag of 919 in Fritzlar.

Preceded by:
Louis IV
King of Germany Succeeded by:
Henry I