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The Cominform (from Communist Information Bureau) is the common name for what was officially referred to as the "Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties".

The Cominform was a Soviet dominated organisation of Communist parties founded in September, 1947. The initial seat of the organisation was located in Belgrade. After the expulsion of Yugoslavia from the group in June, 1948 the seat was moved to Bucharest. The expulsion of Yugoslavia from the Cominform initiated the informbiro period in that nation's history.

The intended purpose of the Cominform was to coordinate actions between Communist parties under Soviet direction, as a result the Cominform acted as a tool of Soviet foreign policy.

The Cominform acted by producing propaganda (such as its newspaper, titled: For Lasting Peace, for People's Democracy!) and encouraging unity of Communist parties under Soviet direction.

The Cominform was dissolved in 1956 after Soviet rapprochement with Yugoslavia.

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