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Coheed and Cambria
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Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria is a punk/progressive rock/emo band whose albums form a quadrilogy telling the story of two characters, Coheed and Cambria, in a graphic novel that the singer is writing. To date, two albums have been released, The Second Stage Turbine Blade (2001) and (2003). These albums make up the second and third parts of the saga of Coheed and Cambria. The fourth section is currently being produced and will be followed by the first part (the albums are being released out of order).

The band is comprised of four members: Claudio Sanchez (vocals/guitar), Travis Stever (guitar), Michael Todd (bass), and Josh Eppard (drums). The band's original name was Shabutie. It is rumored that they changed their name to Coheed and Cambria because they didn't think they would be taken seriously with a name like Shabutie.

There are differing theories about the story of Coheed and Cambria, but from the lyrics it seems that Coheed and Cambria are a married couple living on Earth in the distant future.

The story is centered around a vast structure called the Keywork, which somehow binds the planets and stars together. For some reason, part of the Keywork comes loose, threatening a cataclysmic disaster for the universe. Coheed, who seems to be some kind of general, is sent to a planet called Apollo to repair the damage. Apparently, Coheed is the only person capable of doing this.

Unfortunately, someone has injected a serum into Coheed's body that, once activated, will cause all kinds of psychological problems. The serum is activated on the voyage to Apollo and Coheed experiences all kinds of internal conflict and he turns away from his mission.

Meanwhile, a huge war has broken out on Earth. The war may or may not be related to the Keywork's problems, but either way things aren't looking too good. Claudio, Coheed's son, tells the story of his love for Chase, and his defection from the army to be with her. Claudio then boards a spacecraft called the Velorium Camper, which is piloted by a psychotic killer named Al. No one knows what happens after that.

Coheed and Cambria's music is often compared to that of Rush and Yes, particularly because of its "dueling" guitar sound and lead singer Sanchez's impressive vocal range. Additionally, the futuristic sci-fi storyline from which all their music is based harkens back to the "epic sound and feel of 1970s progressive-rock .