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Cleveland Spiders
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Cleveland Spiders

The Cleveland Spiders were a Major League Baseball team which played between 1887 and 1899 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Spiders began their history in the old American Association (then a major league) in 1887. They were a weak team in their early years, but started to improve after 1890, one year after moving to the National League and signing future Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Cy Young.

They had their best season in 1892, when they finished 93-56 and finished second in the league. They continued to be a winning team until their final year.

In 1899, the Spiders' owners bought the St. Louis club. They decided that a good team in St. Louis would draw more fans, so they proceeded to transfer most of their stars, including Young, to St. Louis. The last Spiders team was the worst in major league history, finishing 20-134, and 84 games behind the pennant winner. After the season, the Spiders were disbanded.