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CKAL (A-Channel)
Slogan: "Connected to you."
Calgary, Alberta
Channel 5 / Cable 8
Owner Craig Media Inc
Founded 1997
Signal Radius 179.4 kW (total)
Callsign Meanings C
CALgary or

A-Channel System

CKAL is a television station owned by Craig Media Inc and based in Calgary, Alberta. It is the second station to become part of the A-Channel system, having launched on September 20, 1997, two days after CKEM in Edmonton went on the air for the first time. It is also Canada's newest VHF station.

CKEM's master control was recently moved to CKAL.

Nine employees working at CKAL were laid off on May 19, 2004 in addition to a 28-employee layoff at Craig Media's Toronto 1 station. Craig Media said the cuts were made to "further rationalize its operations and control costs". [1]

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