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Christian X of Denmark
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Christian X of Denmark

, Iceland, Greenland, and The Faroe Islands]]

Christian X of Denmark (September 26, 1870 at Charlottenlund palace near Copenhagen - April 20, 1947) was King of Denmark 1912-1947 (and of Iceland 1912-1943), a period including two World Wars. In contrast to the monarchs of Norway and the Netherlands, who went into exile during the Nazi occupation of their countries, Christian X remained in his capital throughout the Occupation of Denmark, being to the Danish people a visible symbol of the national cause. In spite of his advanced age and of the precarious situation, he took a daily ride on horseback through his city -- not accompanied by a groom, let alone by a guard.

His queen was Alexandrine, Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

A full page black and white photograph in which rider and horse filled the entire page appeared in the International Herald Tribune in the early 1980s, showing King Christian X on horseback with a Jewish Star of David on his sleeve. This was a full page paid advertisement of a World War II era photograph that appeared genuine to all readers who saw it.

Preceded by:
Frederick VIII
King of Denmark Succeeded by:
Frederick IX