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Chris Mullin (basketball)
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Chris Mullin (basketball)

Christopher Paul "Chris" Mullin (born July 30, 1963, Brooklyn, New York) is an American basketball player, who played small forward. After playing at St. John's University, during which he was a member the 1984 amateur U.S. team, Mullin was chosen as the seventh pick by the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the 1985 NBA Draft. He played with the Warriors from the 1985-86 until the 1996-97 seasons. Thereafter, Mullin played with the Indiana Pacers from the 1997-98 until the 1999-2000 seasons. He ended his career in the 2000-01 season playing for his primary team, the Warriors.


For five consecutive seasons from 1988 until 1993, Mullin scored an average of 25 or more points and five rebounds. Although alcohol abuse and injuries hampered his later performance, Mullin remained one of the NBA's best pure shooters. A five-time All-Star, Mullin also won Olympic gold twice--as a member of the 1984 amateur team and the 1992 Dream Team. A savvy lefthander, Mullin had many games in which he made three-point shots with 36 percent accuracy. He was also an excellent passer.

Effort more than physicality marked Mullin's playing style. Somewhat lanky at 215 pounds and six-foot seven-inches, Mullin managed to hold his own. He was also on the All-NBA second team (1989 and 1991), third team (1990), and first team (1992). In April 2004 Mullin was named executive vice president of basketball operations for the Warriors. Mullin also appeared in the 1995 Billy Crystal movie Forget Paris.

He has three sons with his wife.

Trivia: Mullin's shoe size is 13.

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