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Chichester is a city in the south of England, in the county of West Sussex. It is the administrative centre for the Chichester district.

The area is believed to have been a bridgehead for the Roman invasion of Britain and the city centre stands on the foundations of the Roman city of Noviomagus. Close by is the important Roman site of Fishbourne. The city streets have a cross-shaped layout, inherited from the Romans: radiating outwards from the medieval market cross lead the North, South, East and West shopping streets. Quite a lot of the city walls are in place, and may be walked along for some of their length.

Chichester cathedral is dedicated to Saint Richard. Its spire, built of the weak local stone, collapsed suddenly and was rebuilt during the 19th century. Within the nave of the cathedral can be seen the remains of a Roman mosaic pavement.

Chichester is famous for the annual Chichester Festivities, in which the Chichester Festival Theatre plays great prominence.

Chichester is home to the Prebendal School established in 1497