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Hats and Headgear series:
Overview of headgear
Hats; Bonnets; Caps
Hoods; Helmets; Wigs
Masks; Veils; Scarves
Tiaras; Crowns
List of hats and headgear
Chapeaugraphy, occasionally anglicised to chapography, is a panhandling trick in which a ring shaped piece of felt can be manipulated to impersonate multiple types of hat. Started in 1750 by french performer Tabarin and used ten styles in his hat-twisting act. In the 1870's another french comedian Monsieur Fusier revived the act and managed 15 styles of hat in his act.

Rarely seen today it was once featured in an episode of Saturday Night Live in 1985

Types of hat that can be created:

and several inventive others