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Chaco is a province in the north of Argentina, near the border to Paraguay. Also known as the 'Green Hell', this region is known for its extreme weather conditions. Frequent droughts make for desert-like parts of the geography. Yet, torrential rains and occasional floods create areas of rainforest habitat. A variety of poisonous snakes inhabit the area, including other exotic wildlife such as crocodiles, monkeys, tarantulas, wild boars, anacondas, and rattlesnakes.

The capital is Resistencia on the Paraná River in front of Corrientes.

The people of Chaco are diverse. There are natives (guaranies, tobas, matacos, etc.) and folk of Spanish descent. Mennonites from Russia, Germany, and Canada have also made their home in the Chaco. The Mennonites (and many other immigrants as well) have transformed this 'Green Hell' into a productive farming region known for its milk and beef production. From 1950 to 1956, Chaco was named Presidente Juan Peron.

The province is divided in 25 departments (spanish departamentos).

Department (Capital)

  1. Almirante Brown (Pampa del Infierno)
  2. Bermejo (La Leonesa)
  3. Chacabuco (Charata)
  4. Comandante Fernández (Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña)
  5. Doce de Octubre (General Pinedo)
  6. Dos de Abril (Hermoso Campo)
  7. Fray Justo Santa María del Oro (Villa Sylvina)
  8. General Belgrano (Corzuela)
  9. General Donovan (Makallé)
  10. General Güemes (Juan José Castelli)
  11. Independencia (Campo Largo)
  12. Libertad (Puerto Tirol)
  13. Libertador General San Martín (General José de San Martín)
  14. Maipú (Tres Isletas)
  15. Mayor Luis Jorge Fontana (Villa Angela)
  16. Nueve de Julio (Las Breñas)
  17. O'Higgins (San Bernardo)
  18. Presidente de la Plaza (Presidente de la Plaza)
  19. Primero de Mayo (Margarita Belén)
  20. Quitilipi (Quitilipi)
  21. San Fernando (Resistencia)
  22. San Lorenzo (Villa Berthet)
  23. Sargento Cabral (Colonia Elisa)
  24. Tapenaga (Charadai)
  25. Veinticinco de Mayo (Machacai)

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