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Centaur (planetoid)
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Centaur (planetoid)

The Centaurs are a class of icy planetoids that orbit the Sun between Jupiter and Neptune, named after the mythical race of centaurs.

Centaurs are not in stable orbits and will eventually be removed by the giant planets.

The first Centaur, 2060 Chiron was found to display a coma upon its approach to perihelion, and is now officially classified as both a comet (95/P Chiron) and an asteroid, although it is far larger than a typical comet and there is some lingering controversy. Other Centaurs are being monitored for comet-like activity.

Well-known centaurs include:
Name Year Discoverer
8405 Asbolus 1995 David Rabinowitz
7066 Nessus 1993 David Rabinowitz
5145 Pholus 1992 David Rabinowitz
2060 Chiron 1977 Charles Kowal

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