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Catamarca is a province of Argentina, located in the northwest of the country. The capital is San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, often short Catamarca. The province has a population of 334,568 (2001), and covers an area of 102,602 km². Neighboring provinces are from the north clockwise Salta, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, Córdoba and La Rioja. To the west it borders Chile.

The province is divided in 16 departments (spanish departamentos).

Department (Capital)

  1. Ambato (La Puerta)
  2. Ancasti (Ancasti)
  3. Andalgalá (Andalgalá)
  4. Antofagasta de la Sierra (Antofagasta de la Sierra)
  5. Belén (Belén)
  6. Capayán (Chumbicha)
  7. Capital (San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca)
  8. El Alto (El Alto)
  9. Fray Mamerto Esquiú (San José)
  10. La Paz (San Antonio)
  11. Paclín (La Merced)
  12. Pomán (Pomán)
  13. Santa María (Santa María)
  14. Santa Rosa (Bañado de Ovanta)
  15. Tinogasta (Tinogasta)
  16. Valle Viejo (San Isidro)

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