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Carl Ruggles
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Carl Ruggles

American composer Charles Sprague Ruggles (March 11, 1876 - October 24, 1971), better known as Carl, wrote finely-crafted pieces using "dissonant counterpoint", a term coined by Charles Seeger to describe Ruggles' music. Friends with Henry Cowell, Edgard Varese, Charles Ives, and Charles Seeger, he wrote painstakingly slowly so his output is relatively small. His compositions include Angels, Sun-treader, Organum, Men and Mountains, and Exaltation.

His method of atonal counterpoint was based on a non-serial technique of avoiding repeating a pitch class until a generally fixed number such as eight pitch classes intervened. Ruggles was also a prolific painter, sellings hundreds of paintings during his lifetime.

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