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Caravans comprise land-based trading convoys, often utilising the camel as a beast of burden, and generally associated with crossing deserts in Asia or Africa.

For similar phenomena in Australia, see camel train. For a North American analogue, see wagon train.

See also caravanserai.

Caravan is also the name of a British rock/jazz band from the Canterbury area. Caravan rose to success over a period of several years from 1968 onwards into the 1970s as part of the Canterbury scene which also included Soft Machine. They still continue a part-time gigging existence into the 21st century. A feature of the Canterbury sound is the blending of psychedelia and jazz with anything which comes to hand.


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For mobile housing, see Camper.

See also Chrysler Caravan a brand of Minivan

See also Cessna 208 Caravan, a utility airplane