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As an adjective, camp, or high camp, refers to an ironic appreciation of that which might otherwise be considered outlandish or corny, such as Carmen Miranda with her tutti frutti hats. The term is often applied to popular culture events that are particularly dated or inappropriately serious, such as the low-budget science fiction movies of the 1950s and 1960s and the multi-genre pop culture of the 1970s and 1980s. The attitude is largely identified with male homosexuals, but is a common "take" on aesthetics and not restricted to any group.

As a verb, the word in this sense is closer to its apparent derivation from the French slang term camper, which means "to pose in an exaggerated fashion," as in "camping it up."

See also: Mystery Science Theater 3000, kitsch, drag queen

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As a noun, a camp is an arrangement of temporary shelter, usually intended for use for only a short period of time. The term is also used for smaller military bases. It is a shortened form of encampment, which is derived ultimately from the Latin for "field."

See also: campsite, camping, summer camp, day camp

In politics, a camp is a group within a certain political side, such as conservative camps or liberal camps.

Câmp is also the name of a village located in the county of Bihor in Western Romania. See Cāmp, Romania for more information.