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Caesar salad
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Caesar salad

The Caesar salad is a traditional salad served in American restaurants, often prepared tableside. Many people consider it the "king" of salads.

It was invented in the 1920s (probably 1924) by Caesar Cardini, a restaurateur and chef in Tijuana, Mexico. There are several stories about the specifics of its creation, none of which can be confirmed. One is that it was created for a group of Hollywood stars after a long weekend party. Another is that it was for the Prince of Wales, who was stuck in Tijuana due to weather. Both stories say that Caesar had to whip something up from what he had left in his kitchen, and the Caesar salad is what he came up with.

The original Caesar salad recipe didn't have actual anchovies in it. The anchovies came from the Worcestershire sauce that is added. Modern recipes tend to include anchovies as an actual ingredient, however.

Many people are concerned about eating a Caesar salad today due to the potential risk of salmonella poisoning from the coddled egg.

A caesar salad is made from the following ingredients: romaine lettuce, croutons, garlic cloves, lemon juice, olive oil, parmesan cheese, egg yolks, anchovies, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. Mustard, avocado, tomato, bacon bits, and chicken may sometimes be used.

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