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The C7 is a variation of the M16 rifle that is manufactured by Diemaco and used by the Canadian army. It is a variant of the M16A1E1; like earlier M16s, it can be fired in either single shot or automatic mode. Many of the modifications made for the C7 were sold back to the US and incorporated in the M-16A2.

The C7A1 replaces the ironsight/carrying handle used on the C7 and M16 with variable mount. The mount can use traditional iron sights or the C7/9 3.4x power optical sight, both of which can be adjusted for individual eye relief. The optical sight was designed for the C9 light machine gun and includes horizontal and vertical mil-bars used for range determination and deflection, and a tritium glow-in-the-dark aiming parapet rather than the tradition crosshairs. The 3.4x is powerful enough to properly see targets at the maximum accurate range of 300m while in no way interfering with target speed acquisition or close quarters combat as most optical sights would.


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