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Bxasm programming language
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Bxasm programming language

Bxasm stands for Blunt_Axe_Basic. It is a free, open-source, BASIC programming language. It creates assembly language files that are compiled with the Masm compiler. The resulting executables are very small and fast.

Bxasm is in active development. It currently creates console executables, with plans to add Windows functionality and a Linux version.

Bxbasic, part of the Blunt_Axe project, is a translation of the famous "Let's Build a Compiler" series by Jack Crenshaw (from Turbo Pascal for the Motorola 68000 cpu, over to Ansi-C and re-targeted for the Intel x86 cpu). It is a fully functioning BASIC interpreter and tutorial.

Bxasm and Bxbasic are available for download at the links below.

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