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Bullseye was a British game show made by ATV and Central Television between 1981 and 1995, and hosted by Jim Bowen.

Centred around darts the show placed three pairs of contestants against one another to win prizes ranging from a new car, or speedboat, to the consolation prize of a set of darts and a 'Bendy Bully', a rubber model of the show's mascot.

Each team had one question specialist and one darts player, and in the first round the darts players would throw three darts at a time, with the highest scoring team given the chance to convert the number of points scored to pounds by answering a general knowledge question. In the second round, after the lowest scoring pair had been eliminated, the darts players would throw at a board in which each segment represented a different category of question. The final round saw the remaining pair throw nine darts at a prize board ("Keep out of the black and into the red, there's nothing in this game for two in a bed").

There then came a short break in which a professional darts player threw nine darts, with the score converted to money for the charity of their choice, followed by the winning pair presented with the choice of whether to gamble their winnings from the prize board for the mystery star prize hidden behind a screen in the studio. If they gambled, they then had six darts (three for each member of the team) to score 101 or more. Contestants who failed the gamble were then invited to "have a look what you could have won", by Jim.

The show was co-hosted by professional darts commentator Tony Green.

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