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Brazilian Federal District
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Brazilian Federal District

Area:5,802 km²
Inhabitants:2,051,146 (2000)
Pop. density:353.5 inh./km²
ISO 3166-2:BR-DF

The Brazilian Federal District (in Portuguese, Distrito Federal) is set apart for Brasília, the capital of Brazil. It is located inside the state of Goiás.


The government was transferred to Distrito Federal in April 21 1960, which was then split off from Goiás. Before the transfer, the Brazilian Federal District used to be the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. After the transfer, the municipality of Rio de Janeiro became the Estado da Guanabara (State of Guanabara), which existed from 1960 until 1975 when both the State of Guanabara and the State of Rio de Janeiro merged, to be named the state of Rio de Janeiro.


The white color symbolizes peace, while the green and yellow colors in the middle refer to the national colors of Brazil. The four yellow arrows symbolize the native people of Brazil, their pointing into the four cardinal directions of the compass stands for the power emanating fro the center. The yellow arrows also form a cross, which symbolizes the Southern Cross carried by Pedro Álvares Cabral. With their feathers they form a lozenge in the middle, another reference to the national flag of Brazil.

The flag was created by the poet and heraldic Guilherme de Almeida, and was adopted by decree no. 1090 from August 25 1969.

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