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Brain Salad Surgery
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Brain Salad Surgery

Brain Salad Surgery is an album released in 1973 by Emerson, Lake & Palmer;. It features cover art by famous artist H. R. Giger. The most well known track is "Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression Part 2" ("Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends..."). "Karn Evil 9" was so long it originally had to be split between sides 1 and 2 of the album. The original US CD release also divided the piece, but subsequent releases have presented it in an uninterrupted version.

The album has also been released on DVD-Audio, remixed into Dolby 5.1 and in many cases using alternative vocal tracks.

Track listing

  1. ""Jerusalem"
  2. "Toccata"
  3. "Still...You Turn Me On"
  4. "Benny the Bouncer"
  5. "Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression Part 1"
  6. "Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression Part 2"
  7. "Karn Evil 9 - 2nd Impression"
  8. "Karn Evil 9 - 3rd Impression"

Additional recordings

Two further songs were recorded at the Brain Salad Surgery sessions but not included on the album.
Both songs were later included on Works Volume II.

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