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Bosra (alternative Bostra, Busrana, Bozrah, Bozra, Busra Eski Sham, Busra ash-Sham, Nova Trojana Bostra) is an ancient city in southern modern-day Syria.


It was the capital city of Edom and one of their major strongholds from the 13th century BC to the 7th century BC. In the Old Testament, the prophets Amos and Isaiah predicted its destruction.

The city was later on the southern capital of the Nabataeans. The Nabatean Kingdom was destroyed by Cornelius Palma, a general of Trajan, in 106 AD, and Bostra conquered. Under the Romans, it was renamed Nova Trajana Bostra, residence of the third Legio Cyrenaica and capital of the Roman province Arabia Petraea. The city flourished and became a major metropolis at the juncture of several trade routes, inlcuding the Roman road to the Red Sea.

In Islamic times, it is noted as the birthplace of Ibn Kathir.

Bostra today

Today, Bostra is an incredible archaeological site, containing ruins from Roman, Byzantine, and Muslim times.

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