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Borders Books and Music
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Borders Books and Music

Borders Books and Music is a North American chain of bookstores, with some branches overseas. Borders is (as of 2004) the second-largest bookstore chain in the United States.

The chain sells a wide range of books, CDss and DVDs, plus related accessories.

Borders stores frequently feature coffee bars or snack shops.

The original Borders bookstore is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where it was founded in 1971 by brothers Tom and Louis Borders. The Borders brothers' inventory system tailored each store's offerings to the community it was in. This made possible the chain's rapid expansion nationwide. K-Mart acquired Borders and its rival Waldenbooks in 1994, but a stock buyback enabled Borders and Waldenbooks to form its own corporation, the Borders Group. There are now approximately 420 Borders stores across the United States, with another 35 outside the country.

The essayist Sven Birkerts worked at the flagship Borders store on Liberty Street in Ann Arbor during the 1970s and wrote about his experiences in The Gutenberg Elegies.

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