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Bobby Jones
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Bobby Jones

Robert Tyre Jones Jr. (March 17, 1902December 18, 1971) was a golf champion of the early 20th century. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

Known as "Bobby" or "Bob", Jones was argueably the greatest player who ever competed on a national and international level. Between 1923 and 1930 he won 13 "major" championships which ranks him only second behind Jack Nicklaus and his 20 "majors".

Jones was the youngest player to ever play in a U.S. Amateur Championship Golf tournament. Jones was the first player to win The Double, both the US Open and The Open Championship (British Open) in the same year.

Bobby Jones along with Alister McKenzie designed the Augusta National golf course and started the Masters golf tournament held at Augusta each year.

Jones was equally successful as an academic as a golfer. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, a BS degree in English Literature from Harvard. He later went to Emory University to pursue a degree in law. When Jones retired from golf at age 28, he concentrated on his law practice.

Bobby Jones' Major Championship Wins

1923: U.S. Open
1924: U.S. Amateur
1925: U.S. Amateur
1926: British Open, U.S. Open
1927: British Open, U.S. Amateur
1928: U.S. Amateur
1929: U.S. Open
1930: British Amateur, British Open, U.S. Open, U.S. Amateur

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