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Table of contents
1 Basic Fighter Manoeuvers
2 Basic BFM Principles
3 Links & References

Basic Fighter Manoeuvers

Basic Fighter Manoeuvers are performed by fighter aircraft during Air combat manoeuvering. They are generally grouped into two categories:

It is easy to fall into the trap of considering BFM to be a series of set manoeuvers providing a foolproof recipe for a dominant position. The reality is that BFM is a series of fluid and often improvised proactive and reactive actions, varying infinitely according to range, altitude, speed, aircraft type, weapons system type and any of an enormous range of other factors.

Basic BFM Principles

There are three basic situations in ACM requiring BFM to convert to a favourable result. The three situations, and the primary goals of a pilot in that situation are:

Links & References

One of the better books on BFM and ACM in general is Robert L. Shaw's "Fighter Combat: Tactics and Manoeuvering" (ISBN 0870210599).

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