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State Pará
Area: 1070 km²
Population: 1 342 202 (Estimate: 07/2003)
Height: 10 m above sea level
Postcode (CEP): 66000-000
Geographic location: 01° 28' South
48º 29' West
Address of the local government: Prefeitura de Belém
Palácio Antonio Lemos
Praça Dom Pedro II s/n
Website: www.prefeituradebelem.com.br
Contact: semad@cinbesa.com.br
Belém is a city in Brazil, the capital of the state Pará. Geographical location: 1° 27' south, 48° 29' west. As of 2004, the population is 1.421 million, which makes it the 10th biggest city of Brazil.


The region of Belém was originally inhabited by Tupinambá indianss. The city was founded on January 12, 1616 by capitain Francisco Caldeira Castelo Branco, who built a fortress (Forte do Presépio) on the right shore of the mouth of Guamá River.

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