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Base on balls
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Base on balls

In baseball statistics, a base on balls (BB), also called a walk, is used in baseball to track the performance of pitchers and batters. If a batter receives four pitches which the umpire calls ballss, he is entitled to walk to first base. Receiving a base on balls does not count as an official at bat for a batter but does count as a plate appearance.

A pitcher can also choose to intentionally walk a batter. This is usually done for the purpose of facing a different batter that the team feels they have a better chance of getting out.

Table of contents
1 Walk leaders in Major League Baseball

Walk leaders in Major League Baseball

Bold denotes active players. Totals are through the 2003 season. On July 4, 2004, Barry Bonds drew his 2,191st base on balls to pass the career record of Rickey Henderson, who is no longer active in the major leagues.


  1. Barry Bonds - 2,207
  2. Rickey Henderson - 2,190
  3. Babe Ruth - 2,062
  4. Ted Williams - 2,021
  5. Joe Morgan - 1,865


  1. Barry Bonds (2002) - 198
  2. Barry Bonds (2001) - 177
  3. Babe Ruth (1923) - 170
  4. Mark McGwire (1998) - 162
  5. Ted Williams (1947 and 1949) - 162