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Bal-Sagoth are a Battle Metal band from Yorkshire, England. The name 'Bal-Sagoth' is taken from a Robert E. Howard work 'The Gods of Bal-Sagoth.' The band incorporates brief black metal moments into an overall grandiose canvas painting a picture of battles in an antideluvian age where Atlantis had not yet been destroyed and the continents were still joined in a Pangeaen mass. Predominant is the use of epic keyboards played by Jonny Maudling. Guitar is more of an accenting instrument than a driving force, with the rhythm established more by the drums and keyboards. The vocals of Byron Roberts are more spoken word than anything, making the songs more like stories set to music than anything else. The stories are told like a play, with many characters (or groups of characters, speaking in unison) exchanging dialogue. The singer uses different vocalizations and effects to set them apart.

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