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Ayrshire is a traditional county in south-west Scotland, located on the shores of the Firth of Clyde. Its principal towns include Ayr and Kilmarnock.

It became part of the kingdom of Scotland during the 11th century. In 1263, the Scots successfully drove off a group of Norwegian Vikings in a skirmish known as the Battle of Largs.

A notable historic building in Ayrshire is Turnberry Castle, which dates from the 13th century or earlier, and which may have been the birthplace of Robert the Bruce.

Historic sub-regions of Ayrshire included:

The Ayrshire breed of cattle originated here, prior to 1800.

The newly created Strathclyde administrative Region included Ayrshire in 1975. When the two-tier system was abandoned, Ayrshire split into the council regions of East Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, and North Ayrshire, although the later also includes part of Buteshire.

Glasgow Prestwick International Airport, serving Glasgow, Scotland, is located in Ayrshire.

Some notable people born in Ayrshire