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Arrested Development (hip hop crew)
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Arrested Development (hip hop crew)

Arrested Development is a progressive, pioneering rap group, founded as a positive, Afrocentric form of rap (as a reaction against gangster rap) by Speech and DJ Headliner.

It took the group three years, five months and two days to be offered a record deal. Hence the name of the first album was 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of;, which produced several hit tracks. These included "Tennessee", "People Everyday" and "Mr. Wendal", which hit the top ten. The group won a Grammy for Best Rap Album and Best New Artist, and were also Band of the Year for Rolling Stone. The follow up was 1993's Zingalamaduni, which did very well with some critics but was panned by many others, and the album sold poorly. After the group broke up in 1996, Speech released a solo album, but sales were poor. The group has now reunited and is touring, and a new album is reportedly in the works.