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Annabelle Ewing
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Annabelle Ewing

Annabelle Ewing (born 20 August 1960) is a Scottish politician, and Scottish National Party member of Parliament for Perth. She attended Craigholme School in Glasgow and Glasgow University, where she graduated with a law degree.

Before becoming an MP, Annabelle was an EC lawyer in Brussels and ran a small legal practice.

She is the daughter of SNP President, Winnie Ewing, and sister to MSP Fergus Ewing, and lives in Perthshire.

Ms Ewing is a member of both Shelter and Amnesty International.

Annabelle has been involved in a number of Parliamentary campaigns, including fighting for the rights of Hepatitis C sufferers, and working to gain a public enquiry into the events at Deepcut Barracks, where James Collinson, a constituent, died on March 23, 2002.

She was elected to Roseanna Cunningham's old seat in 2001, with a very slim majority of 48.

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