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Anglia Television
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Anglia Television

Anglia Television is the ITV station for East Anglia. It has been broadcasting since 27 October 1959. The station was historically based in Norwich, but maintained a small Cambridge presence.

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Anglia's original ident was a short film of a small silver statue of a knight on horseback, with the lighting and the camera's position constantly changing. At the end, the camera zoomed in on the pennon atop the knight's lance, which showed the station's name. An arrangement by Malcolm Sargent of Handel's Water Music was played over. The knight logo became so closely identified with the station that when in 1999 the station produced a book to mark its fortieth anniversary, it was entitled A Knight on the Box (ISBN 0-906836-40-9).

With the introduction of colour television in the 1970s, the ident was remade with constant lighting and the knight constantly rotating as though on a turntable. In 1988 the knight was replaced by a quasi-heraldic stylised "A" made of triangles, which faded in and out on a fluttering flag during continuity announcements.

In 2002, as with all companies now owned by ITV plc, the station lost its unique identity and became branded as "ITV1 - Anglia Region".


Anglia was an independent corporation for much of its existence. In 1994 it was bought by MAI, who were themselves later acquired by United News and Media, and then in 1999 by Carlton Communications. In 2004 Carlton and Granada merged to form ITV plc, which ended Anglia's existence as a separate brand.

In 1993 the station took over the cartoon studio Cosgrove Hall when it was sold off by Thames Television.


Some of Anglia's notable contributions to the national television network include:

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