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Andalusian horse
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Andalusian horse

The Andalusian horse is one of the purest breeds of horses in the world today. It is also known as PRE [pura raza Espanole] in most countries because of the work done by the Spanish studbook in promoting the pure bred horses around the world. It is one of the breeds of Iberian horses.

Andalusians have been used for all manner of riding horses, and were the preferred mount of kings over many centuries. They excel in high school classical dressage and are used in cattle work and bullfighting in their native Spain. They are highly intelligent and learn very quickly.

Andalusian horses are found in a number of colours although the most common colour is grey. They are popular in bay and black, however chestnut is not regarded as a legal colour for purebreds in most countries.

Partbred Andalusians are popular as sport horses in most countries. They also excel at dressage and are used for showjumping and other equestrian activities such as eventing.