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Amintore Fanfani
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Amintore Fanfani

Amintore Fanfani (6 February 1908 - 20 November 1999) was an Italian politician and Prime Minister. He was born in Pieve Santo Stefano / Arezzo.

Fanfani participated in 1945 in the formation of the Democrazia Cristiana, the Italian Christian Democracy party, and was a member thereafter. After 1947 he was a member of the cabinet and Prime Minister several times, 1960 - 1963, 1982 - 1983, and 1987. He was a proponent of ideas of social reform and stood for Italian development and agrarian reforms. From 1965 - 1966 Fanfani was President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Fanfani died in Rome in 1999.

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