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Ali Farka Toure
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Ali Farka Toure

Ali Farka Toure (born 1939 in Niafunke, Mali) is an African blues singer and guitarist, known throughout the continent as one its most famous performers. As the first African bluesman to achieve widespread popularity on his home continent, Toure is often known as "the African John Lee Hooker". Toure usually sings in one of several African languages, as on his breakthrough album, Ali Farka Toure, which established his reputation in the world music community. 1994's Talking Timbuktu, a collaboration with Ry Cooder, sold promisingly well in western markets, but was followed by a hiatus from releases in America and Europe. He reappeared in 1999 with Niafunke, a more traditional album focusing on African rhythms and beats.

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