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Ahmose I was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt and the founder of the Eighteenth dynasty. He was the son of king Tao II Seqenenre and brother of king Kamose, the last king of the Seventeenth dynasty. Ahmose lost his father and his brother in very short notice during the struggle against the Hyksos princes, who still ruled in the north-east of the Nile Delta.

According to Manetho he ruled 25 or 26 years before he died. He was succeeded by his son, king Amenhotep I

The remains of his pyramid in Abydos were discovered in 1899, and identified as his in 1902. This pyramid and the related structures were resurveyed in 1993 by the Pennsylvania-Yale-Institute of Fine Arts under the direction of Stephen Harvey.

Preceded by:
Pharaoh of Egypt
Eighteenth Dynasty
Succeeded by:
Amenhotep I