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Adam Malysz
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Adam Malysz

Adam Małysz (born December 3 1977) is a Polish ski jumper. He was born and still lives in a town of Wisła in the southern Poland.

His career began in 1995. For two consecutive seasons, he was moderately successful in the Ski Jump World Cup (7th and 10th in the overall standings respectively). He re-emerged in the 2000/2001 season when he won the Vier Schanzen Tournee and the World Championship on K120 (being second on K90). 2002 saw Małysz claim a silver on K120 and bronze on K90 at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games. In 2003 he won both World Championship Titles and added another Ski Jumping World Cup (his third).

His success contributed to his enormous popularity not only among ski jumping fans but throughout Poland as well.