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Academy Award for Best Art Direction
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Academy Award for Best Art Direction

The Academy Awards are the oldest awards ceremony for achievements in motion picturess. The Academy Award for Best Art Direction recognizes achievement in art direction on a film. The films below are listed with their production year, so the Oscar 2000 for best art direction went to a film from 1999.

Table of contents
1 1920s
2 1930s
3 1940s
4 1950s
5 1960s
6 1970s
7 1980s
8 1990s
9 2000s


This award was originally for Interior Decoration


With the awards for 1940 the award was divided into separate awards for black-and-white and color movies.


Beginning with 1947 movies the name of the award was changed to Art Direction - Set Decoration.


For 1957 films this award became a single award. With the 1959 films this category was again divided in two


For 1967 the two awards in this category were recombined into a single award.





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