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A1 is popularly used to indicate the highest degree of excellence. Other possible meanings include:

A1 (band), a British boy band.
A1 (code), used in computer programming.
A1 (sauce), a steak sauce.
A1 (shipping), used to indicating shipbuilding quality.

A1 is an ISO 216 paper size.

There are also several roads and freeways named the A1:

A1 freeway (Austria)
A1 road (Britain) from London to Edinburgh
A1 freeway (Cyprus)
A1 freeway (France) from Paris the Belgian border
A1 freeway (Germany)
A1 road (Italy) from Milan to Naples
A1 road (Northern Ireland) from Belfast to Newry
A1 freeway (Poland)
A1 freeway (Spain)

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