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.Mac refers to a group of online services offered by Apple Computer. These include website hosting with preexisting templates, IMAP and web-based email, iDisk online storage via WebDAV, a free copy of McAfee's Virex antivirus software, backup software and other "specials" offered by Apple to subscribers.

Apple previously offered the .Mac service for free under the name iTools, which drew to a close in September of 2002 after .Mac debuted in July, at Macworld Expo New York. Mac users had varied responses to this move. Critics called the .Mac service overpriced at $99 USD and did not appreciate that subscribers of iTools who did not subscribe to .Mac lost their @mac.com email address. Advocates cited TANSTAAFL and the arguably improved services. Apple eventually included a referral program where referrers received 20% off their next year of .Mac for each paid referral.

All iLife applications (iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes) are integrated with .Mac, allowing .Mac members to share their movies, photos and personal files through the iDisk and .Mac homepages. Apple also includes Backup software for Mac OS X to use with .Mac.

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