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.hack is a multimedia franchise primarily created by Bandai.

The franchise primarily surrounds a future in which one operating system, ALTIMIT OS, is used by all computers in the world due to various computer viruses (in particular, one named Pluto's Kiss) that crashed the internet in the mid-2000s. ALTIMIT OS is now the only major operating system in the world due to its stability and the difficulty found in crashing the system.

The primary focus of the franchise however is the popular MMORPG The World, which has over one million users upon its launch. The series focuses, however, on a particular set of incidents termed The Twilight Incident in which multiple users were forced into a coma while playing the game. Most of the stories surround an AI named Aura (アウラ) or various other anomalous AIs.

The four initial storylines of the franchise were:

Other storylines of the franchise that were created later were: