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.22 LR
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.22 LR

The .22 LR cartridge is an early type of rimfire ammunition.

Today .22 LR ammunition is mainly being used for hunting small pests, for sports shooting and for cheap training. Its main advantages are low cost, low recoil and low noise. Its main disadvantage is its anemic performance.

Olympic Myth: One myth is that .22 LR pistols and rifles because they're being used in olympic events, are true sports firearms. In fact hwoever, less then 5% of the worlds sport shooting competitions are held in .22 LR.

.22 LR High Velocity. A somewhat improved .22 LR cartridge that increases the bullet velocity with a stronger charge and copper plating on the bullet. The thin copper layer on the bullet functions as a lubricant and reduces the friction between the high velocity bullet and the barrel, thus reducing barrel wear. It also has a oxidation preventing effect on the lead bullet. Lead tends to oxidice if stored over long periods of time and as a result of this, the bullet's diameter increases to a level that might both prevent the insertion of the cartridge in the chamber and might cause the pressure in the barrel to rise to a dangerously high level. The increase in pressure may lead to the case rupturing and potential danger to the shooter. Standard and subsonic cartridges tend to use a type of wax for the same purpose.

Muzzle Velocity: