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97 Klotho
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97 Klotho

97 Klotho
Orbital characteristics 1
Orbit type Main belt
Semimajor axis 2.667 AU
Perihelion distance 1.982 AU
Aphelion distance 3.353 AU
Orbital period 4.36 years
Inclination 11.78°
Eccentricity 0.257
Physical characteristics 1
Diameter 82.8 km
Rotation period 3 35.15 hours
Spectral class M
Abs. magnitude 7.63
Albedo 4 0.229
History 2
Discoverer E. W. Tempel, 1868

97 Klotho is a fairly large Main belt asteroid. It has a brightly colored surface. It is probably a fragment from the core a shattered large planetesimal, since it is composed of pure nickel-iron metals.

It was found by the profilic comet discoverer E. W. Tempel on February 17, 1868. It was his fifth and final asteroid discovery.

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