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93 Minerva
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93 Minerva

93 Minerva
Orbital characteristics 1
Orbit type Main belt
Semimajor axis 2.755 AU
Perihelion distance 2.367 AU
Aphelion distance 3.144 AU
Orbital period 4.57 years
Inclination 8.56°
Eccentricity 0.141
Physical characteristics 1
Diameter 141 km
Rotation period 3 5.982 hours
Spectral class C
Abs. magnitude 7.70
Albedo 4 0.088
History 2
Discoverer J. C. Watson, 1867

93 Minerva is a large Main belt asteroid. It is probably a C-type asteroid meaning that it has a primitive carbonaceous composition and dark surface.

It was discovered by J. C. Watson on August 24, 1867.

An occultation of a star by Minerva was observed in France, Spain and the United States on November 22, 1982. Diameter of 171 km was measured from the observations. Since then two more occultations have been detected. [1]

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