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8 1/2 is the name of a 1963 film by Italian director Federico Fellini. It is critically accepted as one of the finest films ever made.

The plot revolves around a director, Guido Anselmi - played by Marcello Mastroianni, who amidst marital difficulties attempts to find inspiration for a new science fiction film. The film often delves into Guido's memories and fantasies. It displays several elements of autobiography. The film's working title was La Bella Confusione (The Beautiful Confusion).

8 is much admired for its sensitivity to the problems of the creative process, both technical and personal, and problems artists face when expected to deliver something personal and profound, with a large public watching, on a very set schedule — while all the while having to live their own lives, and deal with their own personal relationships. It is in a larger sense about finding true personal happiness in a difficult, fragmented life.

The film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and Fellini was nominated for Best Director. 8 is a fixture on the prestigious Sight & Sound; critics and directors poll of the top ten films ever made.

The film is 138 minutes in length and filmed in stark black and white.

The musical Nine is based on 8.

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