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5chan is another image board similar to 4chan. While created during 4chan's existence, 5chan now offers an alternate haven to many people who visited 4chan daily after its demise on June 20, 2004.

Table of contents
1 Differences in 4chan and 5chan
2 Available Boards
3 External links

Differences in 4chan and 5chan

While both 4chan and 5chan are similar in the fact that both are image boards, 4chan and 5chan offer different atmospheres and interfaces. The two most blatant differences are the interface and sponsors. 4chan relied mostly on volunteer work and donations (though 4chan did offer spaces for corporate web ads.) 5chan, on the other hand, is sponsored by hentai organizations. Because of this, they have a ToS agreement and restrict access to those who choose not to sign up with one of their sponsors though registration is free. The interface difference is self-explanatory to those who have visited both image sites. 4chan had short codes designating each image board subject while 5chan has the full subject name listed for each subject. 5chan offers more subdivision in terms of individual image board subjects compared to 4chan. While 5chan and 4chan both offered/offer pornographic/nude material, 5chan is deceptively more pronounced in doing so due to the many evident subdivisions.

The terminology and how they handle things is quite a change as well. For example, 4chan has used "sage" which stands for "sageru" which means "to lower" in Japanese. After a certain amount of sages, the post can not be "bumped"/"age" ("age"/ageru is disucssed at 2chan.) In 5chan, there is no "sage" or even "age" but rather a gong. After a certain amount of gongs, a post is automatically deleted without moderator intervention. Gongs are meant to delete pictures that strayed too far from the subject category rather than as a rating system.

Perhaps because of these differences, the community is treated differently by the moderators/admins. The difference in atmosphere has caused some problems for 5chan as many of the 4chan regulars/visitors migrate to 5chan. The initial problems range from users not understanding the different interface to the trolling humor in the style of 4chan's Random board. Some 4chan regulars have found 5chan insufficent, concerning the tightly regulated atmosphere, and have moved onto http://www.idlechan.org

In the past when both boards existed, there was some general but extremely restricted/light animosity between 4chan and 5chan regulars. These banters were mostly played out in the 4chan discussion/suggestion forums. Initially after the "migration" of 4chan'ers, there was a slight backlash from 5chan'ers due to 4chan'ers lamenting the loss of their image boards which resulted in a public statement by the moderators/admins of 5chan to the community.

Available Boards

The boards hosted by 5chan are mostly self-explanatory: (*)The category names listed above may be slightly altered when compared to the actual image board names given by 5chan. Despite this, the list given here should accurately reflect the actual image board names. In addition to these image boards, 5chan also offers a "normal" BBS styled forums for discussion. The categories are:

External links

Warning: This link contains some inappropriate material for those underage.